Spooky Milk Life Cheats and Walkthrough (Updated 2023)

“Spooky Milk Life” invites you to Midnight Falls, a town of oddities. Your mission: mend family ties after your father’s disappearance. Explore with simple clicks, meet animated characters, and conquer randomly generated dungeons.

Face monsters strategically in thrilling turn-based battles. Each dungeon is a unique challenge, ensuring endless entertainment. Unveil Midnight Falls’ secrets, reunite your family, and experience an unmatched adventure.

Now that you know what Spooky Milk Life game is about, let’s discuss its cheats and walkthrough of the game

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Spooky Milk Life Cheats

Here are some cheats for unlocking money, items, recipes and ID’s:


  • item,q_atticKey,30
  • item,blackjack_win,30
  • item,goodHookerShoe,1
  • item,analzizer,1
  • item,qs_balloon,30
  • item,bat,1
  • item,battery,30
  • item,milk_big,30
  • item,bomb,30
  • item,books,1
  • item,camp,30
  • item,sock,1
  • item,cockhorse,1
  • item,Cotton,30
  • item,qs_coupon,30
  • item,q_curry,30
  • item,dildo,30
  • item,dolly,1
  • item,drill,1
  • item,fix,30
  • item,Gear,30
  • item,handmadeDoll,30
  • item,q_yogabook,30
  • item,key_toy,1
  • item,lemonade,30
  • item,lemonbooth,1
  • item,bat2,1
  • item,bat3,1
  • item,love,30
  • item,map,30
  • item,milk_small,30
  • item,pizza_mint,1
  • item,nail_t,30
  • item,q_msg,30
  • item,newBooks,30
  • item,paint_t,30
  • item,PartsA,30
  • item,PartsB,30
  • item,gun2,1
  • item,pizza_pepe,1
  • item,pizza_ananus,1
  • item,rope,30
  • item,onani_raury,30
  • item,paint,30
  • item,Spring,30
  • item,String,30
  • item,gun3,1
  • item,book_sexp,30
  • item,toy_bear,1
  • item,toyBox,1
  • item,toyChip,30
  • item,token,30
  • item,gun,1
  • item,wood,30
  • item,Winder,30
  • item,wood_t,30
  • item,q_balloon_cynthia,1
  • item,q_balloon_sindy,1
  • item,q_balloon_zoey,1
  • item,q_coupon_dan,1
  • item,q_coupon_dol,1
  • item,q_coupon_gal,1
  • item,q_coupon_man,1
  • item,q_coupon_ric,1
  • item,q_coupon_ron,1
  • item,q_coupon_su,1
  • item,q_coupon_wal,1


  • item,r_milk_big,1
  • item,r_sock,1
  • item,r_cockhorse,1
  • item,r_dolly,1
  • item,r_handmadeDoll,1
  • item,r_lemonbooth,1
  • item,r_bat2,1
  • item,r_bat3,1
  • item,r_gun2,1
  • item,r_gun3,1
  • item,r_toyBox,1


  • Bat: bat
  • Water Gun: gun
  • Fix Kit: fix
  • Upgrade Token: token
  • Dildo: dildo
  • Rope: rope
  • White Wood: wood
  • Sandpaper: paint
  • Battery: battery

Other Cheats

  • showmethmoney355 – gives $500.
  • mangomango355 – gives some money and some items.
  • item,sleep_raury,[number] – defines the amount of consecutive days that Raury will sleep with you.
  • item,goodHooker,1 – puts a Good Hooker doll in your inventory.
  • item,[ID],[number] – spawn items.
  • PartsA
  • PartsB
  • Cotton
  • String
  • Gear & Spring

Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough Guide

All quests manifest within the enigmatic Quest App on your smartphone, revealing active tasks and completed stages upon initiation. Tapping the ‘In Progress’ button seamlessly transports you to a roster of concluded quests, while ‘Completed’ ushers you back to the ongoing quest index.

Quest (Prologue): A Reunion of Shadows After 5 Years

1. Converse with ‘Ane’ (Or Annet)

  • Step forth from your chamber and find yourself ensnared in an unsettling exchange with Ane, where venomous words and threats entwine.

2. Engage with ‘Raury’

  • Traverse the corridors to reach the Dining Room, where a conversation with Raury (or her various monikers) awaits. Unintentionally stir the cauldron of emotions within her.

3. Dialogue with ‘Missy’

  • Journey to the kitchen and set the stage for the day ahead after a noteworthy encounter with Missy.


Important Starting Actions

1. Garage Expedition: Acquire the Tools of the Ethereal Trade

  • Venture into the garage and claim the drill stationed near the crafting bench. Procure replenishing supplies: paint, wood, and nails. These materials reappear cyclically (roughly 3 or 4 times), necessitating regular vigilance.

2. Unlock the Enigma of the Loft: Sub-Quest Essential

  • Embark on the “Access the Loft” Sub-Quest, a path to obtaining the elusive key that unlocks the secrets of the lofted realm.

3. Embark on a Journey of Spatial Familiarization

  • If not already undertaken, traverse the domicile’s labyrinthine corridors, acquainting yourself with the enigmatic chambers and exits. The Contacts App on your device unveils the current whereabouts of your connections. (An elusive “???” denotes their temporary inaccessibility.)

4. Peruse the Library’s Cryptic Chronicle

  • Ascend into the Library’s realm and unveil the arcane stories adorning the notice board. Partake in the enigma by interacting with the posters. Unearth the digits for the Handyman Bros., concurrently unmasking a wanted poster featuring a shadowy Thief. Integrating the Handyman Brothers’ digits into your phone is rumored to trigger the enigmatic Thief’s actions.

5. Unveil the Midnight Haunting of the Mysterious Thief

  • Upon gazing upon the visage of the Thief on the poster, commence a nightly vigil. Explore every nook and cranny of your dwelling each night at the stroke of 10pm. An arcane twist of fate may bless you with an encounter with the Thief, bestowing a satchel laden with mystic currency (averaging around $100 per encounter). Multiple occurrences are common during verification playthroughs.

6. Peer into the Veil: Loft Espionage

  • Once in possession of the Drill and the Loft Key, ascend to the Loft’s ethereal realm. Puncture the veil between dimensions by drilling holes at three distinct points, affording glimpses into the lives of Raury, Ane, and the enigmatic 2nd Floor Bathroom. Raury’s chamber crowns the apex, while the Bathroom guards the abyssal depths. The enigma of Ane’s room’s hole remains dormant, while the Bathroom divulges its secrets only if Ane’s presence is absent.

7. Spirits of Dialogue: Weaving Connections

  • Engage in discourse with the ethereal inhabitants that cross your path. Some souls shall be inscribed upon your contacts, their movements and affections meticulously tracked.

Raury’s Quest 1: Journey into the Shadows of Connection

1. Uncover Raury’s Quest

  • Initiate a discussion about ‘Rori’ with ‘Missy’ in the Kitchen.
  • Missy triggers the quest “Wanna get close to Raury,” presenting you with the task of obtaining a ‘Good – Hooker’ Doll.
  • Obtain $100 and access the Map App.

2. Explore the Toy Store Enigma

  • Utilize the Map App to locate Toy Store spots.
  • Enter the Toy Store’s interior.
  • Inspect the boxes adjacent to the right of the warehouse’s back door.

3. Reveal Alyssa’s Knowledge

  • Engage with ‘Alyssa’ behind the counter.
  • Obtain a warehouse key and an Analyzer battery (Quest Item).
  • Opt for a bat or water gun to enhance your equipment for Dungeon battles.

4. Embark into the Mysterious Dungeon

  • Proceed to the warehouse (back door of the store) after saving your progress.
  • Traverse the Dungeon Floor, confronting malfunctioning toys for Toy Chips and crafting resources.
  • Consider preserving Toy Chips for strategic selling and financial safeguarding.
  • Collect your Upgrade (Training Token) before leaving the floor.

5. Acquire the Coveted ‘Good – Hooker’

  • Gather 8 Toy Chips to secure a $200 transaction with Alyssa.
  • Attain the ‘Good – Hooker’ doll named Sucky.
  • A pivotal scene with Alyssa follows, advancing time to Night.

6. Stow ‘Good – Hooker’ in the Basement

  • Place ‘Good – Hooker’ on the table adjacent to the washing machine.
  • Transition to the following morning.

7. Mystery Unveiled: The Missing Doll

  • ‘Good – Hooker’ vanishes from the basement.
  • Investigate the Basement table to find a shoe from the doll.

8. Consult Raury About the Disappearance

  • Discuss the matter with Raury; timing matters based on her location.
  • A dialogue triggers with Raury, revealing a detective inspector’s inquiry.

9. Proximity Achieved: Drawing Closer to Raury

  • Elevate Raury’s Fondness to 40 through Massage or Gifts.
  • A night visit from Raury ensues, presenting heartfelt dialogue options.
  • Further raise Raury’s Fondness to 60 to unlock her Bedroom.

10. Initiate Discussion with Missy Once Again

  • Engage in a conversation with Missy, receiving a book to read to Raury.

11. Narrate Tales to Raury

Approach Raury’s room at night to read her the gifted books.

12. Procure Additional Tale Books

Obtain Library membership if needed.

Search bookshelves for ‘Red Raping Hood,’ ‘Sleeping Boobies,’ ‘Jack-off and Beanstalk.’

13, Read New Books to Raury

Converse with Raury in her room at night.

Unveil Raury’s desire to learn, leading to an intimate encounter.

14. Puzzling Intricacies: Sucky’s Vanishing Act

Raury alerts you of Sucky’s disappearance; time advances to Afternoon.

Investigate the Garage, locating Sucky in the lower left corner.

15. Return Sucky to Raury

Engage Raury in conversation, explaining your discovery.

16. Unraveling Fears: Sucky’s Mysterious Haunting

Respond to Raury’s concerns about the basement.

Search the basement to discover Sucky’s presence.

17. Peculiar Encounters: Sucky’s Unsettling Gaze

Raury’s quest leads you to the Loft.

Confront Sucky’s unsettling stare.

18. Finalizing Fates: The Climactic Confrontation

Raury’s quest embroils you in the Loft once more.

Sucky’s antics escalate, compelling you to intervene.

An intimate night with Raury follows.

19. Epilogue: Facing the Ultimate Showdown

Enter the ultimate battle against Sucky in the Dungeon, but remember that defeat comes at a cost.

Embark on this ethereal journey to unravel Raury’s enigmatic quest, exploring the shadows of connection and uncovering the mysteries lurking within.

Raury’s Quest 2: Enchanted Hideaway – Treehouse

1. Begin the Quest

  • Start a conversation with Raury.
  • Choose “What Rori wants” to begin the quest.

2. Consult with Handyman Bros.

  • If not done earlier, find the poster for Handyman Bros on the Library’s notice board.
  • Add Handyman Bros’ phone number to your phone.
  • In the Morning (9am) or Afternoon (1pm), open your Phone App.
  • Tap on Handyman Bros.
  • Select “Query for treehouse.”
  • Mariola and Lugiana ask for 200,000 Euros initially. They request to witness your ‘pipe’ as proof of maturity.

3. Contact Handyman Bros with Materials

  • Collect 10 wood, 10 paint, and 10 nails.
  • If materials are ready, choose “Let’s create Treehouse” during conversation.
  • In the Morning (9am) or Afternoon (1pm), open the Phone App.
  • Tap on Handyman Bros.
  • Tap “What can you do” for the right dialogue option.
  • Tap “Let’s create Treehouse.”
  • Await the estimated week-long construction period.

4. Observe Construction Progress

  • During this time, observe Mariola and Lugiana working on the treehouse near the backyard tree.

5. Quest Completion

  • After 7 days, the quest concludes.
  • The Treehouse location becomes accessible.
  • Unlocks the dialogue choice for Raury: “Treehouse fun.”

Raury’s Quest 3: Zesty Beverage Adventure – Lemonade

1. Begin the Quest

  • Chat with Raury.
  • Select “Gonna make money” to start the quest.

2. Gathering the Main Ingredient

  • Head to the Kitchen.
  • Open the refrigerator.
  • Click on the lemons (on the left side of the refrigerator).

3. Setting Up the Lemonade Stand

  • Get the Lemonade stand recipe.
  • Collect materials: 1 wood, 1 paint, 1 nail (quest materials, despite dialogue saying DIY).
  • Craft the Lemonade Stand.
  • Time advances to the next morning (9am).
  • Click on the Lemonade Stand. Raury’s dialogue offers “Let’s do it,” “Ask for a lemonade,” and “Nothing.”
  • Choose “Ask for a lemonade” and get a ‘lemonade with a unique scent.’ The inventory indicates it heals 15 HP.
  • Opt for “Let’s do it” for an intimate scene.
  • These choices may not be necessary for progress, but it’s unverified.
  • Raury can be found indoors and at the Lemonade Stand during Morning and Afternoon.

3. [Possibly Not Implemented – Investigation Ongoing]

Linda’s Quest: Enchanted Playtime – A New Toy

1. Embark on the Quest

  • Have a chat with Linda.
  • This triggers the quest ‘A new toy.’

2. Strengthening Bonds with Linda

  • Increase Linda’s Affection to 50 with Massage or Gifts.
  • Unlock a fresh Massage scene.
  • Gain the dialogue choice “Inexperienced toy” when conversing with Linda.
  • This leads to a request for a riding toy.

3. Seek Advice from Alyssa

  • Engage Alyssa in conversation, selecting the dialogue “Inexperienced toy.”
  • Obtain the crafting recipe for a Cockhorse.

4. Crafting a Rideable Friend

  • Collect 3 wood (DIY) and 3 paint (DIY).
  • Purchase them from the Handyman Brothers at $30 each.
  • Craft the Cockhorse.
  • Speak to Alyssa and pick “I made a new toy!”

5. Sharing the Discovery with Linda

  • Have a discussion with Linda, choosing “Inexperienced Toy.”
  • Learn about her plan to enjoy it during lunch at 1pm.
  • Wait until Afternoon (1pm), and proceed to the warehouse behind the Toy Store.
  • Interact with Linda, bound to the Cockhorse.
  • Experience a heartwarming scene with Linda (repeatable daily at 1pm).
  • Increase Linda’s Affection to 100 through Massage or Gifts.
  • Chat with Linda, choosing “New ridable toy.”
  • Engage Linda again, selecting “Let’s do it.” This unlocks a new intimate scene.

6. [Possibly Unimplemented – Further Investigation Underway]

Dolly’s Quest 1: Fashion Upgrade – Need a New Outfit

1. Strengthening Bonds with Dolly

  • Elevate Dolly’s Fondness to 50+ through Massage or Gifts.
  • Unlock a fresh Massage scene.
  • Unlock new dialogue interactions.

2. Embark on the Quest

  • Engage in conversation with Dolly.
  • Opt for “Need a new outfit” to initiate the quest.
  • This prompts the quest “Need a new outfit.”
  • Receive the recipe for the outfit.

3. Crafting a Fresh Ensemble for Dolly

  • Acquire the necessary materials from the Dungeon: 5 cotton, 5 string.
  • Craft the outfit.
  • Speak with Dolly, selecting “Need a new outfit.”

Dolly’s Quest 2: Playful Job Search – A New Part-Time Job

1. Wrapping Up Dolly’s Previous Quest

  • Successfully complete Dolly’s Quest “Need a new outfit.”

2. Embarking on a Fresh Opportunity

  • Have a conversation with Dolly.
  • Opt for “New part-time job” to initiate the quest “A new part-time job.”
  • The playground becomes accessible.
  • Receive 3 balloons.

1. Sharing the Joy of Balloons

  • Head to the Playground.
  • Interact with one of the girls (Cindy).
  • Choose “Offer a balloon.”

2. Spreading Balloon Cheer

  • While still in the Playground.
  • Interact with the second girl (Cynthia).
  • Select “Offer a balloon.”

3. Continuing the Balloon Magic

  • Remaining in the Playground.
  • Interact with the third girl (Zoey).
  • Opt for “Offer a balloon.”
  • Return to Dolly and engage in conversation.
  • Choose “A new part-time job (Done).”
  • Unlock the dialogue option “Reward for kindness.”

Dolly’s Quest 3: Continuing the Job – A New Part-Time Job 2

1. Advancing the Part-Time Journey

  • Successfully complete Dolly’s Quest 2.

2. Strengthening the Connection with Dolly

  • Elevate Dolly’s Affection to 100 through Massage or Gifts.
  • Engage in conversation with Dolly.
  • Opt for “A new part-time job 2” to initiate the quest.
  • Receive 8 coupons.

1. Sharing the Coupons

  • Head to the Fitness Center.
  • Speak with Ricarno.
  • Offer him a coupon.

2. Spreading the Coupon Cheer

  • While still in the Fitness Center.
  • Engage Dani in conversation.
  • Present her with a coupon.

3. Distributing More Coupons

  • Stay in the Fitness Center, and proceed to the Weight Room.
  • Talk to Ronie.
  • Hand over a coupon.

4. Extending the Coupons

  • While still in the Weight Room.
  • Approach Galina.
  • Offer her a coupon.

5. Coupon Gesture Continues

  • Stay in the Fitness Center, and proceed to the Yoga Studio.
  • Converse with Manjula.
  • Give her a coupon.

6. Coupon Gesture Continues

  • Move to the Library.
  • Engage Sue in conversation.
  • Share a coupon.

7. Coupons Continue to Flow

  • While still in the Library.
  • Talk to Willya.
  • Offer her a coupon.

8. The Coupon Exchange Concludes

  • Remain in the Library.
  • Approach Dolores.
  • Hand over the coupon.
  • Return to Dolly and select “A new part-time job 2.”

Manjula’s Quest 1: Culinary Craving – The Preferred Dish

1. Building a Connection with Manjula

  • Elevate your Love to 50 through Massage.
  • Unlock the 2nd Massage scene.

2. Initiating the Quest

  • Have a chat with Manjula.
  • Opt for “Indian Gourmet” to commence the quest.

(While this Quest is active, every time you return to the kitchen, Step 1 repeats)

1. Let’s Explore the Kitchen

  • Move to the Kitchen.
  • Engage in conversation with Missy.
  • Receive a serving of curry.

(Step 1 repeats every time you enter the kitchen, until you complete Step 3.)

2. Sharing the Curry with Manjula

  • Talk to Manjula.
  • Choose “Curry.”

3. The Delightful Spice Hunt

  • Ensure you have $200.
  • Wait until Night (10pm), then locate Morphine (She can be found on a random street or the playground if available).
  • Engage in conversation with Morphine.
  • Select “Buy the spice.”
  • Purchase the ‘spice.’

4. Presenting the Enhanced Curry to Manjula

  • On the following day, talk to Manjula.
  • Opt for “Upgraded Curry.”

Manjula’s Quest 2: Nourishing the Mind – Reading is the Key

1. Fostering a Deeper Bond with Manjula

  • Elevate Manjula’s Fondness to 100 through Massage.

2. Commencing the Quest

  • Engage in a conversation with Manjula.
  • Opt for “A new skill” to initiate the quest.

1. Seeking the Yoga Guidebook

  • Head to the Library.
  • Search the shelves for ‘kama sutra.’
  • Engage in a conversation with Dolores.

2. Delivering the Yoga Guidebook to Manjula

  • Talk to Manjula.
  • Choose “Kamasutra.”